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Set-up Typo 4 on Ubuntu Dapper

It was very annoying to find out that the brand spanking new installer for Typo wasn’t going to install over rubygems. The irritating part was that it was SQLite causing the problem because it’s a dependency of the Typo gem. No idea why. But I don’t want to SQLite - I’m running MySQL on Apache.

So anyway, here’s how I got it working. Thanks to sprewell on the Typo IRC channel.

  1. Download Typo from Subversion.

     svn co svn:// typo
  2. Make sure that you’re inside that directory that was downloaded from Subversion.

     bin/typo config ~/typo web-server=external database=mysql
  3. Grab the MySQL schema from db/mysql.schema.sql and manually run it on your MySQL database of choice.

  4. Go into config/ and make sure you get the database.yml file set-up to use your database settings.

  5. Access your Typo install in your browser and you should get a prompt asking you for your admin details.

  6. Blog away!