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vim: find, comment, save and quit

For the last month, I’ve been teaching myself vim. So here’s an explanation for anyone interested in the commands I have been using:


Upon opening the file, I used the / command to search for ‘fd0’ in the file. In command mode, you just type a forward slash, and then the characters to search for straight after it. Hit enter, and it’ll give you the first result.

Next up, I want to insert a comment on that line. Because searching left me a few characters from the start of the line–where I want to have the comment–I enter insert mode with a capital I. This puts the cursor at the start of the current line. I then put in my # to comment the line, hit escape to get me back to command mode and then saved and quit the file with :wq.

I’m finding vim a lot friendlier to work with than emacs. It’s not quite TextMate yet, but I’m finding it rewarding learning all these different commands.